About Us

We sarvashrija infrastructure private limited development company which was establised in the year 2011 as IVP DEVELOPERS but now it has been elevated as a private limited company.

It is an organization having a team of highly qualified engineers and dedicated professionals (SS PRIVATE LIMITED ) works for providing values beyond impossible. Our pledge is to be establish a lasting relationship with our clints by exceeding their trust through exceptional performance by every member of our team.


  • To serve our customers & deliver the highest level of Quality Construction at Fair and Competitive prices
  • To ensure the longevity of our Company through repeat business achieved by Customer satisfaction in all areas.
  • To maintain a high degree of Professionalism. Integrity, Honesty & Fairness in our relationship with Clients besides maintaining healthy relationship with our Suppliers, Vendors, Professional Associates & Consultants


SSINFRASTUCTURE will strive hard to grow globally by meeting Customer needs of the present & future by continuously updating Latest Technologies of Constructions & Building Partnership based on Trust & by establishing strong relationship with our Customers. We will accomplish the above by adapting to varying market conditions, Performance driven work culture, provide value-added services, enhancing productivity at job site through Cost effective job controls. In addition, maintaining a safe work place & utilizing the Advanced Technology Equipments& by creating an environment that makes a rapid growth & development of our Nation. To be the Industry Leader & a market driven Engineering Construction Company. Renowned for Excellence, Quality. Performance & Reliability in all types of Construction.


SSINFRASTUCTURE is decided to provide the best possible value to our client. We strive to identify potential\ problems and solve them during the course of construction. Although, we are continuously trying to improve, our repeat business is the best indicator of our Performance and Quality Standards that we deliver. We enjoy a substantial degree of success, considering most of our design-built clients placed repeat orders.


SSINFRASTUCTURE is Pioneer in providing Value-added Construction Services to our Clients by Creating a Successful Partnership throughout the construction process. Our pledge is to establish a lasting relationship with our clients by exceeding their expectations & gaining their Trust through exceptional performance by every member of our Construction Team.

  • Our goal is to provide the highest possible level of professional construction services to our clients in an atmosphere of mutual understanding. Teamwork & uncompromising Ethical standards.
  • Our company is for those who are seeking a personal touch that can be provided only by us thereby creating a good will. Our mission is to build the future world.


SSINFRASTUCTURE is committed to the Safety and Health Care of all its Employees, subcontractors and their Employees. In the effort to make our Projects Accident Free, we take: precaution that are necessary to make the working conditions Hazard free, which is a most essential criteria to every construction industry.

SSINFRASTUCTURE contractually demands all Subcontractors to submit the compliance of a Safety Program and Implementation of the same which provides a safer work place.

The Effectiveness of our Safety Plan implemented by our Safety Team over the past four years. have achieved...

  • Reduction in accidents and injuries at work site.
  • Reduction in EDR.
  • Reduction in Insurance Premiums and Related Costs.

Our strength in infrastructure:

SSINFRASTUCTURE area of activity includes turnkey responsibility for Roads, Bridge, Hydro-projects. Tunnel. Metro project. Highway and urban infrastructure (water sanitation and sewerage. Power/Telecom transmission, tower and commercial buildings).

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